All About Using A Ring Light For Your Photography

Ring Lights can create some stunning effects when you shoot close-up portraits, or when using macro photography. Here's how you can get started.
Have you ever been in a position that requires you to take an impressive-looking photo but the light is too dim or the shadows too harsh? In this case, you could have tried using your camera's flash, or an off-camera flash to cover the shadows. 
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There's a certain type of flash used by photographers to create a soft even light for portraits as well as macro photos. This is referred to as the"ring light.
What can make a ring light different?
Ring lights differ from other flashes due to the fact that it's designed as circular which can be attached to the lens of the camera as a lens hood or are employed off-camera, like a regular flash. It's basically a ring made of tiny LEDs that help distribute light evenly across the user's face.
Ring lights are available in a variety of sizes. They are attached to lenses and are clearly smaller in size, however, there are larger versions available as well that can also be used to fill or secondary flashes. 
Ring lights come in two different configurations that include flashlights and continuous lights. The style you choose will depend on your photography and needs you can choose either of them and get diffused lighting for beautiful portraits or macros with a well-lit background.