Benefits of Buffer Feeding

Buffer feeding is a process of providing supplemental feed to a cow that is not receiving their normal diet. This supplemental feed can come in the form of hay, silage, concentrates, or grain.

There are three main reasons you should consider buffer feeding your cow.

1. Buffer Feeding Allows Your Cow To Have More Variety In Their Diet

A cow needs a variety of forages to keep them healthy and happy. If they only receive hay, they may not get the nutrients they need from other sources. By providing buffer feeding, you give your cow the opportunity to eat a wider variety of things, which will help keep them healthy. You can buy the best feed for dairy cows at given online sources.

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2. Buffer Feeding Helps Keep Your Cow Fed During Dry Times

One of the biggest problems with keeping a cow fed during dry times is that they don't always have access to enough water. By feeding them buffer feed, you give them the option to eat something while keeping them hydrated. This will help them stay healthy and comfortable during difficult times.

There are many benefits to buffer feeding your cow, including: 

1. Increased milk production. This is because cows that are given a regular feed of small meals throughout the day produce more milk than cows that are only fed once a day.

2. Reduced stress on the cow. Buffer feeding helps to reduce stress levels in cows, which in turn leads to higher milk production and better health overall.

3. Reduced environmental impact. Feeding cows in bulk reduces the amount of food that needs to be produced, which in turn reduces the amount of land that is needed to grow crops to feed the cows and households that consume their milk.