CCTV Monitor Facts – Get It Right

The CCTV monitors have made significant progress over the last few years. It is an excellent idea to understand the way your surveillance footage needs to be watched before you purchase one. To assist you in making this choice, we’ll go over some of the fundamentals concerning CCTV monitors.

CCTV Monitor Vs. TV: The possibility of using your television in your surveillance system may prove beneficial to smaller-sized applications since it comes with an RCA composite (RCA) connection required for connecting the security cameras to DVRs or other surveillance systems. If you want to hire CCTV Monitoring visit

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The drawback of using your TV in this manner has to do with the resolution. A TV that is older will not have the same resolution as an actual CCTV monitor will. This is one reason why CCTV monitors are more expensive than regular TVs due to the fact that they have superior quality picture tubes with a better video display.

CRT Vs. LCD: This is a subject that could be extended to multiple pages, however we’ll only touch on the most basic facts. CRT’s were previously cheaper than their LCD counterparts, however this distinction has nearly gone away in recent years. CRTs have become basically obsolete and, in the coming years, as CRTs pass by, it will be nearly impossible to locate CRT-based CCTV monitors in the event that LCDs replace them.

Portable Test Monitors: If you’re a surveillance installer or own a mobile surveillance system , these are ideal for you. Test monitors that are portable are useful devices which can be connected quickly into a surveillance system , and used to diagnose video signals or alter camera angles as needed. 

Be aware of your connections: In the final note, prior to deciding on the CCTV monitor, ensure you have the proper connections in place to connect it to your system. In the event that you’re connected via coax BNC, RCA, HDMI, VGA, etc you should ensure that your monitor can be able to accept these types of connections or, at a minimum, an adapter that makes it work.