Choose a Countertop Water Filter to Improve Taste and Odor of the Water

A countertop water filter is a point-of-use water filtration system. That means it can be installed exactly where you need access to water. As the name suggests, it attaches directly to your faucet and distributes clean water directly into your kitchen.

The countertop filter is designed in such a way that it takes up little space and no extensive piping is required for installation. The attached filters use a variety of filter media such as activated carbon or ceramic to remove impurities and restore the taste of your water every time. You can filter water quickly even if the water pressure in the house is only moderate. One can also buy a countertop water filter from companies like Coway.

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Countertop water filters use a variety of filtration methods to deliver fresh water to your glass. Filtration removes different sets of contaminants and in different processes. They come at different prices and different styles.

Before you can choose the top filter that best suits your needs, you need to know exactly what to filter from your water. Home water test kits can quickly tell you what contaminants are in your drinking water. From there you will know what to do next.

When planning your water filter system, in addition to the initial cost of the system, you need to consider the cost and frequency of filter replacements. The countertop filter is one of the most economical options available, but its effectiveness depends on changing the filter regularly.