Dental Crowns In Buderim: Everything You Need to Know

A cracked or weak tooth can lead to severe damage. These are two possible outcomes. Dental Crowns and bridges are a dental procedure that restores the size and shape of a tooth and can also strengthen it, giving you dazzling white teeth.

Dental caps in Buderim, are artificial caps that look like teeth and are cemented onto the affected tooth to cover the visible portion. This encases the tooth inside. They protect the damaged tooth from further damage and preserve its natural form.

What Are Dental Crowns And Tooth Bridges?

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Bridges, on the other side, are used to fill in dental gaps. They attach two implants or natural teeth and seal the gap.

Available Crown Types.

There are many types of crowns available. Some are more long-lasting and costly than others. Others are cheaper and last longer.

  • Dental crowns can also be made from resin, although they don't last as long and are therefore more affordable to install. Use temporary crowns
  • Silver and gold alloy crowns. It can be combined with other metal alloys to improve its strength. This makes it a durable restoration. These crowns can be either silver or gold.
  • Ceramic and porcelain types are available. These are custom-made to match the color of your actual teeth.They're also good for people who are allergic to metals.
  •  It is possible to mix ceramics or porcelains with metals. These are great combinations that create unique crowns.
  • The 3M(TM), Lava(TM), and Premium Zirconia crown system uses a unique 3M (TM) shading technology. This means that the color of the crown is not on its surface, but is from within. This technology is used in the Lava (TM) Premium Dyeing Fluids to maintain translucency and strength after shading.