Executive Leadership Coaching – Uncovering The Myths

In the process of adding an "extension" to my business activities, I have met extraordinary leaders, both corporate and entrepreneurial. What's interesting is that they all have been successful in their ways, achieved well, and are motivated. 

But not one of them had thought about engaging an executive coach, mentor, or independent leadership partner to accelerate their journey to achieving their vision. These are the questions I am most frequently asked by new executives when they're trying to figure out the benefits of coaching. You can also visit our website to get more information about this topic.

1. What if I don’t have any issues?

This is great because I don’t work with clients with issues. I instead work with clients with unreleased potential. They are already highly successful in what they do. They want perspective, clarity, and accountability as they push their limits beyond what they could do on their own.

2. What can I learn from you if you don't do what I do?

I am not a teacher, consultant, or coach. I don't know the answers. You have your answers because I am a coach. This myth is perpetuated by mentors, trainers, and consultants (none of them coach-trained) that executive coaches can offer solutions. 

3. If you are not a doctor, how can you help me to get ahead in medicine, construction, media IT, retail, oil, and gas?

Leadership is all about having the courage and skills to get to know yourself well. Only when you feel that engagement, inspiration, and stretching yourself, can you engage, inspire, and stretch your team and collaborators.