Feeding Calves: Selecting A Calf Supplement

Calf nutritional supplements such as milk or milk replacer can boost early calf health. To help lessen calf health difficulties, it’s very important to concentrate on calf health from day one.

Healthier calves in the first two weeks might become less vulnerable to growth setbacks and calf health problems later in life, and this could lead to optimum expansion and lower management costs. 

calf health

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Supplementing a non-medicated calf milk replacer diet with a calf nutritional supplement may encourage functionality. Nutrition plays a major role in early calf health. Whether you feed the entire milk or milk replacer, then think about a calf supplement that optimizes calf health.

Here are some Pointers to Help you Pick a calf nutritional supplement:

Selecting the Most Appropriate additive:

A couple of ingredients your calf nutritional supplement should comprise are colostrum and essential oils probiotics.

Dried bovine colostrum: Adding maternal colostrum daily was demonstrated to help encourage digestive tract growth and immunity, leading to optimum calf growth and general wellbeing.

Essential oils: Essential oils help encourage calf development. Adding particular essential oils into milk or calf milk replacer has been demonstrated to encourage calf health and performance.

Probiotics: Beneficial bacteria are shown to help maintain normal intestinal microflora and optimize digestion. Bacillus strains that can be contained from the calf health supplement, boost immune function and help combat clostridium, salmonella, and E. coli.

Furthermore, they work to support digestive health by assisting preserve a diverse intestine microflora.