Find A Good Mental Health Therapist To Suit Your Need

Finding this type of therapist or mental health counselor can sometimes be quite terrible. To worsen it, you can be confused with all specialties sounding similar or even their common name. For example, if you suffer from depression, should you go to a mental health counselor or the best debt therapists? To make your life easier, here are some of the common types of Mental Health Therapists, with a brief description of their specializations and training.

Mental health counselor

Generally, with a master's degree in counseling or counseling psychology, mental health counselors conduct assessments and give psychotherapy to their patients. Most of them have attended several hours of training for counseling about mental health problems. They need to get a license from the country before starting a job as an independent mental health counselor.

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Family and wedding therapists

This is one of the most commonly used terms in the context of counseling. With a master's degree (M.A) or Doctorate (Ph.D.) in marriage and family therapy, family and marriage therapists must complete at least two years of clinical training under the supervision of an experienced therapist. This counselor specializes in providing assessments and psychotherapy for psychological problems that exist in marriage and family relations.

Social worker

There are many social workers who are willing to help people who are depressed with their counseling, but not all are trained for this purpose. Anyone with a bachelor's degree (degree from a university or college 4 years, or a master's degree or Doctorate is allowed to work as a social worker. Therefore, it is recommended that someone must consult with a licensed social worker service that has l.c.s.w. or l.i.c.s.w.