How Do Compressed Air Dryers Work?

Compressed air and dehumidifiers, together with elements like air filters and oil-water separators are an essential part of your treatment of compressed air.

An air compressor is a filtration system that frees your compressed air of the water that is generated by compressing. You may also look for air compressor tank inspection online.

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This will ensure that your compressor is top quality and is free of damaging moisture that can damage your equipment, or negatively impact the equipment during use.

How is an air dryer compressed work?

How your air compressor operates will depend on the kind of dryer you own. Each dryer has a different approach to achieve the same result that is providing dry, clean compressed air for you to use.

The most commonly used compressed air dryers and their fundamental principles:

It is the most widely used type of compressed air dryer. They operate by cooling air while the water vapor condenses, and then is removed out of the air. They are also referred to as dryers that use refrigeration.

The adsorption dryers are typically utilized as dryers for second-stage use. They make use of hydrophilic materials to draw moisture out of the air. Air dryers are a well-known subset of air dryers as well as high-quality air dryers.

Membrane air dryers are made up of a hydrophilic membrane that allows air to flow through the accumulated moisture on the membrane and then travel through the membrane before being removed.