How to Get Your Financial Advisor in Dubai

The securities industry is set up to make it seem as if all financial advisors selling investment products are highly successful. These things are done deliberately to make you believe they are great investment gurus and will take care of your money. It's not always true.

This is just an illusion. It's crucial to ask the right questions in order to ensure that you are getting the right professional. There are both good and bad financial advisors in the brokerage industry. This is just as true for any other industry. If you live in Dubai and are in need of an expert financial advisor then you can contact deVere Insights for help.

Here are some ways to ensure you get a great one.

There are several tools that you should use to vet your financial advisor. There are open-access tools. Simply type in the name of the person, hit enter, and you will get the Broker Check report. This report will provide all the information you need to vet your financial advisor.

It can tell you about the advisor's performance on licensing exams. It will also show where they worked, where they went to school, and if they were ever charged with any criminal offenses. Are they currently bankrupt? Are they currently being sued by clients?

Are they currently employed by a brokerage firm? These are the essential things to consider before you start a relationship with someone who will manage all of your life savings.


A potential broker should first ask "How are your compensation?" Each financial advisor is paid differently. Some advisors are paid on a per-transaction basis. They get paid for each recommendation they make to you. Some are paid a percentage from assets under management. They will make $10,000 per year if they manage a million dollars of assets.

Based on your investor type, you can decide what you want. A commission model might be right for you if you are a buy-and-hold investor. You may only trade two to three times per year. The assets under the management model might be more appropriate if you trade a lot and have a strong relationship with your advisor. Ask the question so you are clear and understood.