How To Pick The Right TV Wall Mount

Almost all flat plasma panels and LCD TVs are equipped with a base or holder. This is all good and good if you want to rest your precious flat screen in the closet; However, it defeated its goal. It also eliminates unpleasant bulking that is seen by the old television model when it is not used.

Not all manufacturers see the comfort and logic of the installation of TV walls with plasma TV and LCD instead of ordinary alas, so you have to buy this TV wall holder separately. There are many types of TV wall holders that match the size of the TV. You can choose the top tv wall installation for your home.

Types of TV Mounts walls

The unit ranges from the holder that is usually still holding your flat screen like a picture on the wall, to the rotary power, allowing you to direct where your TV faces when you move around the room. When choosing a TV wall holder, consider the type of design you want. 

The cheapest and most basic type of tv wall installation is flat-mount. It attaches the TV to the wall with a little one inch. Because it has been fixed, you are the one who has to make a transfer when you want to watch television. A flat mount is ideal for flat plasma TVs that tend to be wider.

A tilt mount is similar to a flat mount, except that they allow more rotating (most of the up and down) to follow your view line and may control the glare that comes from lighting in the room. The gap between the wall and the TV is slightly more than one inch further than the traditional flat holder to allow slashes.