Know Everything About Multiplex ELISA Cytokine

Multiplex Cytokine Assay Kits enable researchers to simultaneously measure multiple cytokines from a single sample. This is especially useful when trying to identify the many possible causes of a variety of pathological conditions. R&D Systems has two options for multi-analyte cytokine identification, membrane-based Proteome Profiler (TM) Cytokine Antibody Arrays or bead-based Luminex (r) Assays. 

Many companies offer a range of antibody arrays for human, mouse, and rat XL Cytokine Arrays. These arrays can detect 105, 112, or 79 analytes, as well as interleukins and members of the tumor necrosis factors superfamily. You can know more about multiplex Elisa cytokines via

Multiplexing with Luminex Assays allows you to simultaneously evaluate 50 or 100 analytes by using either magnetic or polystyrene microparticles. There are more than 450 available analytes. The High Performance Luminex Assays offer multiplexing that is comparable to single analyte ELISAs. 

These assays provide pre-configured panels of analytes that have been optimized and tested together to ensure the panel's maximum performance and accuracy. It also includes validation testing similar to that performed on the Quantikine(r), ELISA Kits. High Performance Luminex Assays are available for cytokines and angiogenesis, as well as cardiac biomarkers.

The ELISA method is a reliable and well-known way to quantify a cytokine in liquid samples. Multiplexing allows for multiple analytes to be measured in the same sample. Several multiplexing platforms exist, including bead-based (Luminex and flow cytometry cytokine bead array, CBA) and electrochemiluminescence (carbon surface, MSD) systems.