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The Advantages Of ELISA

ELISA has a number of benefits compared to the other immunoassay techniques. It is often preferred because it has high sensitivity and specificity. ELISA also offers more accuracy compared to other techniques such as radioimmunoassay (RIA) tests.

The ELISA test is usually in the form of a 96-well microtiter plate. Most ELISA microplates have disintegration wells so that smaller tests can be performed if required. The main advantage is that 96 determinations can be made in one cycle and usually give results in less than 3 hours. It's fast and cheap.

ELISA does not require radioisotopes or expensive radiation meters. However, they require a precision micropipette, an incubator, a washing system, and a microplate spectrophotometer reader. There are many companies available that provide the ADA/Adenosine Deaminase ELISA Kit online.

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Many laboratories today use fully automated ELISA processing systems in which various assays can be tested. This robotic machine is a liquid purification system that can perform all analyses from start to finish. You can often process up to 15 analyzes per day shift.

The main advantage of the ELISA test is its accuracy and ability to provide fast results. A serum or plasma sample is required to perform an ELISA test, so centrifugation of a patient sample is often necessary. Because the ELISA test can test for both antigens and antibodies, it is seen as a flexible tool by medical and laboratory professionals around the world.

ELISA technology is suitable for screening blood to detect markers of infection, including HIV. This is mandatory in most countries to prevent the release of contaminated blood and to ensure the safety of blood units and blood components for transfusion. ELISA test applications also include the food industry for the detection of allergens and toxicology for screening certain classes of active substances.

The ELISA procedure is easy to use. It offers excellent sensitivity and high specificity due to the reaction between antibody and antigen. Finally, ELISA tests are inexpensive because the process can be easily automated and 96 tests can be performed in one analysis with little time.