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Aspects To Consider When Evaluating Low Fat Air Fryers in Australia

While hot air fryers were hard to find in the domestic market a few years ago, there are some people today who have never heard of low fat fryers. Tefal was probably the first to come up with its own version and it has become very popular even though it is expensive compared to traditional fryers. 

Things to consider are the areas of who will use the fryer, where you will use it, what exactly you want to use it for, its reliability and of course the purchase price. Let's look at each of these aspects in turn, but let's briefly summarize how they work. You can also find the best air fryers in Australia from many online websites.

Traditional frying involves immersing food in hot fat, hot air frying works by moving very hot air to heat and crack the outer layer of the food. The exact distribution of air varies depending on the frayer model, but food is prepared quickly and without using the amount of oil required for frying. In a low-fat fryer, it may contain absolutely no oil if you use frozen potato chips that have been coated in oil, or just a tablespoon for 800 to 1000 grams of fresh food.

Please Note We have referred to "low fat" air fryers as some of the models available in the market as deep fryers that work in an alternative way and routinely dip your food in and out of oil (eg DeLonghi Rotofry).  You can also find more info about air fryers through the internet.