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Understanding and Identifying Roof Leaks

Roof leaks were a common problem in much older homes. Many of these problems appear to occur after the winter months around spring in the northern United States. While it might be thought that determining the cause of a roof leak can be difficult.

The first step to finding roof leaks is to step on your roof and take a walk and visually inspect the roof for anything out of the ordinary. A common roof leak area to check is around chimneys. You can have advanced roof leak detection via https://waterrestousa.com/services/leak-detection-recovery/

water leak detection

Often, the seals around the chimney break, leaving small holes for water to enter through the roof. One way to spot problems near your chimney is to inspect the gasket carefully. You can also take a hose and spray water around the chimney to see if anything looks out of the ordinary.

The second area of your roof that needs to be examined carefully is all the tile sections. Careful inspection is important because areas, where leaks are often missed, can be missed, but this may not be obvious on a quick inspection. You should carefully inspect the shingles for cracks, missing pieces, or nail holes if the nails are missing.

While checking on a homeowner is a good first step, if you think you have a roofing problem, contact a roofing specialist to assess your situation.