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Fire Extinguisher Inspection- What to Look For

Most companies buy an extinguisher that is suitable for their needs, mount it properly in the building, and comply with safety codes, and then they forget about it. Like any appliance, fire extinguishers require regular maintenance.

They may need to be tested, replaced, or refilled. A proper inspection and testing can guarantee that they are working properly. Ensuring that the company it is hired for is the right one for the job, there remains a need to guarantee that safety equipment is working properly. You can also go to www.tmservicesltd.co.uk/services/installation-and-maintenance/, to find fire sprinkler companies in the UK.


When considering different companies, keep their reputations in mind. If you've never heard of a particular company, more than likely it doesn't make sense. Much better than hearing something negative about them. Ask them if they have any references that can be called to make sure they have done a thorough job. If that happens every client will remember negative things.

Questions to ask

When meeting a company for the first time, ask them questions. If they are doing a fire risk assessment, walk into the building with them and ask questions as they leave, such as why they are doing particular things, or if something is part of national regulations. Experienced professionals will be able to answer questions.

If a company is not able to answer any questions about national regulations, that is a red flag. Remember, security companies are hired to inspect and test firefighters for two reasons: to make sure companies are safe and to make sure they meet regulations.


A firefighting inspection and testing company should be friendly and friendly. These are the same people who will be around other employees and customers as they move through the building. This can turn off potential customers if they are not friendly. 


If a company that conducts inspections does not maintain confidentiality, it can lead to a huge loss of business as customers and employees begin to feel insecure.

When a company conducts firefighting inspections or tests, they are not only ensuring that fire protection equipment functions properly when necessary, they are helping everyone in the building feel safe and secure during their day. are doing.