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Safety Aspects Involved When Using Flammables and Explosives in the Workplace

It is important for employers to take adequate precautions in regard to protecting their employees from the dangers of flammables and explosives in the workplace. A flammable is considered to be any substance that can easily catch fire and then burn. 

In order to ensure that your employees are protected from flammables and explosives in the workplace, you must ensure that all equipment giving off heat and/or sparks must be removed from the proximity of flammables and explosives. You can also visit https://coopatex.co.uk/ to consult contractors to install explosion vents.

This means that equipment such as a pump, stirrer, hotplate, and any other thing that creates an open flame must be removed from the presence of explosives and flammables.

It is also important to ensure proper ventilation which will help in keeping the chemicals from reaching their lowest flammable limits. This in turn has the effect of minimizing vapor from being released and that in turn will help ensure making the workplace a whole lot safer.

When you place dangerous substances in cabinets and the cabinets are vented then it is important to ensure that the vent pipes are equipped with flame arresters. Also, keep the cabinet doors locked and closed and never store flammables in a lab refrigerator unless the latter is explosion-proof.