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Some Of The Ways That You Should Know To Go Green With Your Dog

Everyone seems to be "going green" these days. To go green, you don't need to believe in global warming. Even though global warming is not real, it's beneficial for your health to go green. 

This means less toxic chemicals and toxins are in our air and water. Recycling means less waste going to landfills. Natural cleaners are less toxic for our bodies and pets. Even your dog can go green. Here you can find how it works:

1. Natural therapies can be used to treat your dog.Flea and tick products can be very toxic to your dog as well as the environment. To keep ticks and fleas away, you can use vinegar, essential oils, and herbs. 

You can find "recipes" on the internet for a flea- and tick treatments. Or you can purchase a flea and/or tick shampoo, which contains natural ingredients and is available at most health food shops. 

2. Get eco-friendly dog beds. Some companies make dog beds using recycled materials. Hemp, which can be harvested for its fibers, is used in the manufacture of clothing and dog beds. It has been used for centuries. 

It can be grown without pesticides and is quick to replenish itself once it has been picked. Another natural material that is used to make dog beds is organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

3. Get eco-friendly dog toys. Toys are a must for your dog's playtime. You can make your dog greener by giving him eco-friendly toys. These plush toys are made using eco fabric, which is made up of 85% recycled fibers. They are then filled with fiberfill made out of recycled soda bottles. 

This process is the same as that used to make dog beds. These eco-friendly dog toys come in innovative designs and colors that emit energy. These durable, "guaranteed tough", dog toys can be recycled and create almost no waste during manufacturing.