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Can Elders Find the iPad Useful?

If you're a senior who reads the news all the time, subscribe to your favorite newspaper and read the news on your iPad. Getting newspapers from the App Store is easy for anyone, anyone can do it! All you have to do is go to the App Store by clicking on the App Store icon on the home screen. Many people are professing iPads for hospitals as it can help to keep the record of patients easily.

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Once you're signed into the App Store, there are two things you can do:-

1) You can enter the name of the newspaper you are looking for in the search box and it will be downloaded automatically. 

2) You can tap the "All Categories" button at the top of the screen and select "Messages" from the drop-down menu which will take you to a page with two columns. The first column contains icons for paid news apps and the second column contains icons for free news apps.

Paid apps include newspapers such as the New York Daily News, which can be downloaded for $1.99, and news shows such as the popular CBS show "60 Minutes", which costs $4.99 to download. On the other hand, free apps include apps for CNN, the NY Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Please note that access to selected newspaper content is not free, other than the fee you pay when you download the app to your iPad. You still have to pay a subscription fee for the newspapers you want to send to your iPad.