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The Benefits of Mediation in Resolving Industrial Relation Disputes

Conflicts at work should affect the business the most. In fact, the CPP, Inc. research. shows that employees worldwide handle conflict an average of 2.1 hours a week or one day a month. In the United States, that figure increases to 2.8 hours per week. 

If such conflicts are not resolved, they can lead to lost productivity, inefficiency, and a loss of morale. According to researcher and psychologist Daniel Dana, "Unresolved conflict is the biggest cost reduction in many companies, but it remains largely undetected." you can now easily solve the issue by getting in touch with a company mediator.

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Possible solutions A possible solution to workplace conflicts is mediation. Although many consider mediation to apply only to the issue of concern, it can be used in the early stages of a conflict and in many cases mediation is most effective when used early, before, and in each case. 

Although HR departments are often used to handle disputes with employees, in most cases, HR professionals are not viewed as impartial. The external and the neutral side can be more effective if the tendencies perceived by the HR expert are disruptive. 

How does mediation work? Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process in which the parties play an active role in resolving their disputes. Unlike judges or arbitrators, mediators do not set specific decisions, but facilitate discussion of the parties and help them make decisions on their own. 

Through a variety of techniques, including listening carefully and recounting the concerns of the parties, a skilled mediator can defuse some of the tensions associated with a dispute so that the parties can communicate more effectively.