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Local Citations: The Most Important Part Of SEO That Nobody Talks About

Google would never tell us exactly what is in the secret search sauce, or how much weight their search also gives each ranking signal. This means that every SEO company and freelance SEO consultant in the world has to look at the data and make educated guesses. But most signs point to local citations being incredibly important.

More consumers are using search engines to seek local information about businesses. If you’re looking for more information about local citations check this out localseodallas.com.

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What are Local Citations?

On the simplest level, a local citation is any time that your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) is listed somewhere online.

These listings help people find your business, while they also help to legitimize your business in the eyes of Google. These citations/ listings can help your SEO if:

1.They are on a high-quality and respected site

2.The content is accurate

Few Different Sources of Local Citations

1.Major Business Data Platforms

You will likely want to start by looking at major sites like Google My Business, Facebook, and many more. Their missions are to build huge databases full of local businesses for customers, so you want to ensure you’re there.

2.Industry-Specific Niche Review Sites and Directories

Beyond the general business listings, your specific industry may have a site or two to look at. Search your specific industry. There could be much smaller sites that are still very much worth your while.