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Considerations For Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Each person has a unique way of seeing and processing things. At the point of realizing differences of opinion, intolerance of any opposing mindset can kick in resulting in either people distancing from each other or worse still stepping on each other's toe. 

There is a need for an unbiased party to help bring the two or more to an amicable resolution. This person is the dispute settlement consultant. They can be in the form of a boss mediating between conflicting subordinates or someone from a totally different environment coming with a fresh view on issues.

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Conflict exists in varying proportions and types starting with individual to individual, to the organization, to nations, etc. I have presided over family conflicts and employee squabbles enough times to warrant me sharing my experiences and considerations with you.

Mediation will definitely cost you money?

There must be an investment you make in the mediation process that you need to know beforehand. Your own resources are used in the process. Your time and space is consumed by the need to bring things to a resolution.  Mediation takes time and patience – some conflicts take years to resolve. 

Emotional stamina and mental balance are important

Can you mediate without prejudice to a site with which you are emotionally attached? The mediator must be neutral, i.e. not take sides, but treat the issue objectively. You may need to express your interest or find a more suitable candidate prior to mediation.