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Party Planning Ideas for Teenagers

Planning a birthday party for a teenager is an overwhelming task to find something that they consider to be cool and also something that parents think is appropriate and safe. 

Outdoor inflatable games can be an excellent idea for teenage parties. Contrary to what most people think that inflatable rentals are greater than slides for kids or bouncers. These days, inflatable rentals are enjoyable physically, energetic, and distinctive. You can also hire Inflatable games for rent for parties via Partygames.

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Below is a list of the most popular inflatable games for teens:

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling

In this fun game, teens put themselves in massive inflatable sumo costumes and try to knock one another over. If the contestant who is unlucky falls over, it's impossible to get up in the big circular sumo costume. 

Teenagers enjoy the physical element of the game, and parents appreciate the idea of it being a safe and enjoyable way to get fierce. This outdoor inflatable game requires only a small amount of space. The mat measures 16 feet wide which is ideal for those with limited outdoor space.

Human Bowling

Everyone enjoys the inflatable human bowling rental. It's just as enjoyable to take your partner on a roll down the massive inflatable bowling lane as to be strapped to the steel 4-foot ball and smash the pins. 

Bowling with humans requires a vast space thanks to its 30ft by 8ft size. This game is ideal for those who have a bigger outdoor space or are renting a park to host the event.

Outdoor parties give teenagers the chance to relax in unstructured chaos, expel tons of energy and have lots of enjoyment.