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Scholarship To Study in Australia

For the student who is open to learning in a multicultural environment, Australia offers a unique opportunity to study. Australia is an English-speaking nation with very few cultural and standard living differences. There are many scholarships available from the Australian government, educational institutions, as well as other organizations.

These scholarships can vary in financial range. For students who wish to study abroad, there are scholarships available for full-course studies, research and training at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students will also become familiar with the different lifestyle options available in Australia.

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Three scholarship programs are offered by the Australian Government. These include:

Australian Leadership Awards

The Study Abroad Scholarship offers scholarships to postgraduate students who want to study in Australia. This scheme also offers support and opportunities for short-term fellowships to study in specialized areas. This program offers scholarships to professionals and students in the fields of economic and social development.

Australian Development Scholarships

With the assistance of Australia's partner nations, this scholarship program supports studies that promote good governance, human developmental, and economic growth. The scholarship program awards recipients the opportunity to bring their experience and qualifications to their home country.

Endeavour Awards

These awards are available to citizens of the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Europe who wish to continue their academic career in Australia. The scholarship program is extremely competitive because it accepts applications from all over the globe.