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Consider these Signs if you Hire a Bad Accountant

Sydney, CBD tax accountant

You may require a tax accountant in order to pay your taxes. However, there are a ton of accountant’s which makes hiring process a little tricky when looking for the best. Although the chances of hiring a genuine tax accountant is high, you should still be careful in case you find a bogus tax accountant. Since there are a ton of fake or bogus accountants out there, there may come a time when you hire one of such accountants. The way to understand whether the accountant you hired isn’t professional is by considering these signs.

  1. Not Having a PTIN – Preparer Tax Identification Number or PTIN works like a license for accountant before they start working as professionals. Make sure you hire an accountant who holds this. If the accountant does not, then you need to look for another one.
  2. Directly asks Payment to themselves Related to Health Insurance Penalty – Fake or bogus accountants are using this as a way to cheat on their clients. Make sure you pay your health insurance penalty to the IRS either from the tax return you receive or with the help of getting in touch directly with the IRS.
  3. Higher Refund Offerings – A fake accountant may tell you that you receive higher refund even without reviewing your financial documents and other important papers. Moreover, if you fall for such fake promises then the chances of you earning credits for future income tax can lead you to getting banned.

Make sure you always hire the best tax accountant in Sydney, CBD region and ensure not to hire such fake accountants.