The Surprising Way Chlorella Helps Your Brain With Oxygen

When your mind begins to wander away and you're left powerless in a significant way. That's why dementia and Alzheimer's are so frightening.

Unfortunately, the medical field has few solutions to these illnesses. None of the medications used to treat dementia can stop the loss of memory. They may slow the process slightly. They also have negative side effects such as stomach problems which can make it difficult to continue taking the dosage recommended.

In stark contrast, when you are looking for strategies to keep your brain in top shape natural health provides better solutions. Chlorella is proving promising as one of the natural remedies. You can also buy a Chlorella supplement via

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Proven Brain Power Boost From Chlorella

We've known for a while that chlorella can help fight memory loss. Chlorella could be beneficial in helping to keep you sharp in your mind. The chlorella tablets were administered over an entire six-month time period.

Over two-thirds of participants benefitted from the supplementation of chlorella. A total of 32% of older patients taking chlorella experienced some improvement. 36% saw the complete elimination of memory loss. 

The group that was controlled and those remaining at 32% of people who took chlorella suffered. But the researchers observed that the majority of those who took chlorella but did not experience any benefit had also experienced cerebral hemorrhages long before the study started.

The Oxygen Paradox

Your brain is an organ that is hungry. Although it's just about 2% of your weight, it consumes approximately 20 percent of calories. Have you noticed how you feel cravings to snack while you're working on your mental work? Your brain needs the energy to complete its work.

To process the energy source, the brain makes use of oxygen. Oxygen helps keep the fires of life burning in your body, especially in your brain which is gas-guzzling.