TV Mounting In Different Styles

There are so many TV mounts to choose from. How do you know what to choose? Here is some basic information to help you decide on the STYLE installation you want, as well as a guide to the information you need to choose the MODEL you want.

TV Mount Style

There are four main styles of TV editing based on their function. You choose a style based on the features you want or need.

Permanent. The standstill hangs your TV on the wall as a photo frame. No movement, no excess. It stays where you put it. Fixed stands are the cheapest. They are great for areas where the display is visible from a single location or where you don't need to make any adjustments.

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Tilting. The tilt stand gives you the flexibility to tilt the TV up or down for the best viewing angle and avoid glare from windows or ambient light. They offer enough movement to get the best shot while maintaining a hidden profile. They are commonly used almost anywhere you install a TV. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, theater, you know.

Explosion. Console mounts (also called "handles" or "full motion") are a bit more complicated. They have joints that allow you to extend the TV from the wall. This tripod usually also includes a tilting function. The console stand is ideal when you want the TV to offer multi-seat viewing. 

Special. Dedicated stands are for unique application situations. Some of the common types are for desks, under cabinets, corner stands, ceiling mounts, or pull-out cabinet mounts.