Vitamin B17 Helps to Cure Cancer in Mexico

Vitamin B17 is a natural substance that is found in many vegetables. A high percentage of this substance is found in apricots and other bitter nuts. You can also find their properties in cereals and seeds. This substance is known to have anti-cancer properties and this has been proved scientifically.

This vitamin is very successfully used in metabolic therapy. When you consume this product, it penetrates through your cell membrane. This product does not allow amygdalin to release cyanide. With the activation of amygdalin, the malignant cells are destroyed. The normal cells are safe while the cancerous cells get destructed. In this way, amygdalin helps in controlling the pain of cancer patients. You can also look for b17 cancer treatment via

An average of over 300 grams helps to control moderate cancer. A period of four months to about a year is required to gauge the effect of this treatment. If you see some positive results, then you can change the medicine dosage which is most suitable for the patient. It is necessary to consume one gram of B17 every day. The dosage has to be determined by seeing the patient's condition like increased appetite, weight gain, and gain in strength.

If a patient is under continuous stress and tension then there can be outbreaks of cancer once again. Thus, the physician is required to be aware of this situation. If cancer is controlled within two years, then Vitamin B17 dose can be reduced to 500 milligrams each day.

Apricots are a very effective rich natural source of vitamin B17. 10 seeds consumed every day will go a long way in preventing cancer. 30 to 35 seeds are recommended for those suffering from cancer.