What is a Bunk Bed and Do You Need One?

Bunk beds are the simplest and most common type of bunk bed. By stacking two sleeping platforms on top of each other, bunk beds are a great way to save space in a narrow bedroom or to provide plenty of room for sleeping in a larger bedroom. You can now easily find the best twin bunk beds for sale online.

Kids Bunk Beds Modern Home on Dwell

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A bunk bed fits two single beds arranged in this way and is often used by parents with two or more children. Kids love double bunk beds because they can use the bed to play and sleep, and if they're arguing about who gets the top bunk, kids will soon love their own little space.

Bunk beds made of wood or metal are strong and durable and will last for years if you buy them wisely. Double metal bunk beds are often made with nuts and bolts, which means assembly and disassembly is quick and joints can be easily checked with a wrench to ensure the bed remains stable.

Wooden bunk beds often use a combination of glue and bolts and nuts, which means they are a bit easier to move. So you have to be happy with the placement before you finish building. In addition to the material, also take into account the number of extras that you can now get when buying this type of bed.

Storage solutions such as shelves and drawers are now part of the standard design and offer more than just a sleeping area. Many beds have evolved to the point where you can find a work area with space for a computer, even a wardrobe and dresser.