What Is Phygital In The Customer Experience?

Phygital connects online and offline environments and takes advantage of the best aspects of each space to create a richer and more satisfying customer experience. The figurative phenomenon differs from other marketing tactics because of its multi-channel focus, in which the consumer buying process is smooth and familiar. You can browse the internet to learn about what's the customer experience in phygital (also known as ‘dans l'expérience client phygital'  in the French language).

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Figural trading

Consumers see and buy, but also feel; Despite the fact that we can get almost everything we want with our smartphone, two in ten users still prefer to complete their project to buy it in a brick and mortar store. The opposite is also true: How often do we go to the store to see, touch or try items that we will order online? Human interaction continues to be an important and highly valued element for customers, which means that a physical and emotional component of shopping must always be there.

Phygital leverages the best elements of a digital retail experience such as immediacy, immersion, and speed, as well as the ability to interact with people, products and more that you get from a retail experience. This approach is the best way to satisfy demanding hyperconnected users and meet their needs across multiple platforms.

The demographics best suited for ideal digital experience users are Millennials and Generation Z, forcing us to develop a 360 ° marketing strategy that includes brick-and-mortar concepts and online retail concepts that fit into the figurative world.

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