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How to Decorate With Boys Bedroom Accessories

Among the many accessories that can be incorporated into a boy’s bedroom, bookcases are a wonderful choice. These furniture pieces not only add storage space, but also provide the decor with a functional look. Bookshelves can be outfitted with adjustable reading lights for nighttime decor. Boys will be more interested in reading stories than in watching TV, so bookcases for boys are a great way to incorporate personality into the decor.

Sports theme

A sports theme for a boys bedroom is a great way to decorate your child's room. You can make the theme subtle or totally transform the room. If you'd like to use the sports theme as a jumping-off point for the rest of the room, use bedding. The colors can be drawn from the bedding itself, or you can purchase bedding from your son's favorite team's official store. You can also purchase matching curtains or drapes to create a sports-themed room without having to change out the rest of the room.

If you have a built-in bookcase or shelf, you can display the sports-themed collections you have accumulated over time. To keep the room looking more sophisticated, add vintage sports memorabilia. Then, once the boys grow up, they can simply store them away until the next big game. This will allow you to switch out the sports-themed items without much trouble. Besides, it will also make the theme more sophisticated.

Nautical theme

If your boy loves the sea, consider decorating his room with a nautical theme. You can incorporate sea-themed items like real boat lifesavers, anchors, and sailor flags. Other nautical accessories include steering wheels and anchors, and even pirate figurines. To complete the nautical look, choose furniture with a nautical motif. You can also purchase boat-shaped beds to add a nautical flair to the room.

To add an underwater vibe to the room, you can add decorations like fish-shaped wall art and decorative woven baskets. A giant rudder can double as a headboard, and a wooden oar can be used as a photo frame or to display name letters. Then you can find built-in bunk beds with portholes like those on a ship. You can also purchase whale-shaped wall hooks and mirrors to organize books and other items on shelves. To complete the look, you can add wall accessories in nautical colours like decorative anchor signs and whale-shaped wall mirrors.

Space theme

A space theme is fun and exciting for your little boy, and with a few simple additions, you can create a bedroom that suits his personality. If he dreams of becoming an astronaut, add a colorful space wallpaper to inspire his fantasy. You can also choose a blue and white bedroom set for him, and use light-toned wood furniture for modern charm. Adding an astronaut-inspired stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear or a spaceship, will create a playful mood in his bedroom. Black and white are perfect colors for a space theme, and a beige carpet will bring a hint of brightness.

You can also buy an astronaut-themed bed with red accents and an integrated ladder to climb the cockpit. To complete the look, choose furniture that represents the solar system, planets, or constellations. To find bedroom furniture that fits the space-themed decor, you can consult our space-themed furniture ideas. For ideas, consider a Space Shuttle Bunk Bed. It will surely inspire your creativity. Also, don't forget to buy a matching space-themed bed set for your boy.


Nature-inspired boys bedroom accessories can add a natural and timeless look to a boy's bedroom. This theme is easy to recreate using simple, natural elements and bare-bones furniture. Choose from woodland and safari themes or try a combination of both. Alternatively, you can mix and match to create a unique look. Regardless of the design scheme, your child is sure to love the results! A few ideas for nature-inspired boys bedroom accessories:

You can combine the look of nature with a modern look by using bunk beds. This space-saving design option combines the bed with storage and leaves more open area for play. Another stylish option is gallery walls. These walls can display favorite items, photos, books, movies, and quotes. You can even choose muted color schemes to create a calming, soothing environment. The possibilities are endless when you pair nature-inspired boys bedroom accessories with the perfect accent color scheme.