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Origin of Beer and Its Ingredients With Information on Health Effects

Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages made by brewing and fermenting cornstarch. Wheat, corn, rice, and malted barley are commonly used to make beer. When brewing beer, spices or fruit are sometimes added to give the beer its flavor and color. Alcoholic beverages fermented from starch-free sources, such as wine or mead, are not classified as beer. You can find the best and amazing craft beer in Des Moines at https://kinshipbeer.com/ as per your requirement.

History of beer

Beer is mentioned in the written history of ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest beverages, dating back to around the 6th century BC. BC. European monasteries also began brewing and selling beer in the late 7th century AD. During the industrial revolution, beer production shifted from domestic production to industrial production.

7 science-backed reasons beer may be good for you

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Beverages such as beer were created independently of different cultures, mainly because all substances containing carbohydrates such as sugar or starch can be fermented easily. In the 13th century, brewing beer and selling drinks from home were used to supplement the family's income.


The main components of beer are water, starch, and yeast. Secondary starch sources such as wheat, rice, and sugar are sometimes used, these sources being used as an inexpensive substitute for malted barley.

Water is very important for beer because the minerals in water affect the properties of the beer made from it, which is why beer is mostly made up of water. The waters in different regions differ in mineral components, which means the quality of beer in one region differs from the quality of beer in another. Therefore, it is claimed that mineral water affects the quality of beer.

Fermentation in beer is provided by the starch source of the beer and is, therefore, an important factor in the type of beer. Malted grains are the most common source of starch used for beer, malted grains produce enzymes that convert the starch in grains into fermentable sugars. The color of the beer depends on the color of the malted grain, that is, the darker the grain, the darker the beer. 

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