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Find Child Support Attorney In Honolulu

A child support order is a very important decision that a judge must make or make as it can lead to progressive people or problems in one's community. Judges have become very strict about enforcement of maintenance or delinquent orders. Judges play a very important role when there is a divorce between couples.

You are the authorized person who can determine or enforce the amount, and they can consider any changes that can be made. Participating parties must pay their respects to the judge before taking any action regarding child support. All procurement inquiries should be directed by a child support attorney or specialist.

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If the judge orders custody of the child, the parents who are entitled to custody and the parents who are not included in the custody of the child must obey the order. You must notify the judge through your Lake County attorney if you have problems enforcing this order. They must tell the judge if they cannot afford it or if there is difficulty complying with this order. 

The judge has the right to determine the date the child care contribution is paid by the non-parent parent. When someone fails to fulfill an order, the overdue payment is referred to as arrears or arrears. Judges have become very strict about enforcing child support orders and collecting bail.


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