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How Ozone Water Treatment Works

What is ozone in terms of water purification?

Ozone – or O3 – is a cleaning and disinfecting agent made by nature. 3 means the three oxygen atoms that make up ozone. The normal oxygen we breathe is called O2 and consists of only two oxygen atoms chemically bonded. 

How does ozone kill germs and bacteria to purify water?

As mentioned above, ozone consists of three oxygen atoms. One of them has little effect on others and is more than ready to transfer electrons to other organic substances such as bacteria and viruses. You can also learn more about ozone water purifiers from various online websites. 

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This single oxygen atom binds to another substance, causing it to be oxidized (to something else. Rust is an example of the oxidation of iron to iron oxide). 

How do ozonated water purifiers produce ozone?

An ozonated water purification system produces ozone using what is known as an ozone generator, which produces O3 in the same way as the sun. There is high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light in the ozone generator room. Compressed air is introduced into the generator chamber, which then converts some of the oxygen in the air into ozone. This process is one reason why the ozone layer in the earth's upper atmosphere protects us from most of the harmful UV rays from our sun.

The ozone now generated in the ozone generator is then carried through a duct to a diffuser, which produces ozone saturated bubbles. The water is drained to mix with the bubbles and then added to the water purification tank. The weak oxygen molecules in ozone bind to other organic molecules in the water and oxidize them. Indeed – Ozone "eats it" and Viola! Clean, fresh and pure drinking water.