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Advantages of Using Sir Walter Turf

Turfgrass can offer a range of advantages for your landscape and goes beyond aesthetics. Other advantages of turfgrass include absorption of rainwater, neutralizing pollutants clearing the air, minimizing erosion, and the reduction of run-off. This article will provide an overview of the main advantages of beautiful sir Walter turf in the garden.

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Soil erosion

Turf rolls are excellent to prevent dust from settling and erosion of soil. Regular rain and wind could cause major problems due to soil erosion. However, this can be stabilized by applying an extra layer of turfgrass on the lawn. After the turf has been established and the roots are able to penetrate the soil, they'll assist in keeping the soil in place and prevent future movements. Additionally, the fact that a turf layer is extremely dense will aid in avoiding issues with dust particles and soil.

Absorption of rain

Turfgrass is beneficial due to its ability to reduce rainwater runoff, and also capture more water that can benefit groundwater sources. Through the slowed movement of rainwater, it's possible to penetrate the soil more effectively and promote more growth for the garden. A lawn that is maintained well at 8000 square feet is able to absorb 5500 gallons of water after a large downpour of rain.

Reduce the amount of noise and glare

The turf is fantastic for reducing the glare caused by sunlight due to its ability to provide a surface that is not reflective. A variety of shrubs, plants, and trees may also assist by absorbing significant amounts of sound. Gardens with mostly hard surfaces like concrete or stone tend to reflect the sound. Incorporating lawn and plants into your garden could reduce the amount of noise by around 25-30 percent.